Required by Law; not a choice

The Training is REQUIRED by law; not a choice:

After you have completed your Risk Management Application and you have been approved DCYSA's Abuse Prevention Coordinator will send  you a link to the Abuse Prevention Training. Please email to let us know that you have completed your application.

The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 was signed into law on February 14, 2018;( effective immediately).  This Act amends the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 which makes it a duty to report within 24 hours, suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, for all adults who are authorized to interact with minor athletes by a National Governing Body (NGB), a member of a National Governing body, or an Amateur Sports Organization that participates in interstate of international amateur athletic competition.  NCYSA and our members are members of a NGB; the United States Soccer Federation.

The Act requires NGBs: (1) to develop training practices, policies and procedures to prevent the abuse of minor or amateur athletes and (2) to develop and enforce policies, mechanisms, and procedures to prevent, report, and respond to the abuse of minor athletes.

As members of an NGB, NCYSA and its member organizations are required to uphold and abide by the laws as stated above.  It takes a village, and together we can accomplish providing a safer environment for the children we serve.

The following bullet points address Fall Season Rosters and Passes for Classic, Challenge and Academy:

  • A Team CANNOT receive its Official Team Roster until ALL Team Officials have completed and passed the Training.

  • Player passes may be validated any time once the Registrar receives the passes from the State Office.

  • Only Team Officials that have completed and passed the training may be validated.

  • If you have a team playing in an August Tournament, the deadline to submit the roster to NCYSA is July 16th.  NCYSA will produce and mail the rosters/passes, but the Official Roster will be held by your Association’s Registrar until all Team Officials have completed and passed the Training. Again, you can officially validate players and Trained Team Officials. ALL Team Officials must be approved with Training before the Team can possess the Team Roster.

  • The final deadline to submit rosters to NCYSA for fall season play is August 1st.  Same conditions above apply.  No Official Roster will be given to a team until ALL Team Officials have completed and passed the Training; but validation can be done for players and Team Officials that have completed and passed the training.

  • New:  Team Managers must be listed on the Official Team Roster

The following bullet points address Fall Season Play and Rosters and Passes for Recreation:

  • ALL individuals (excluding team players) who will participate in practices and/or scrimmages, games, tournaments or any other competition, must complete and pass the Training.

  • The deadline to complete the Training for Recreation is October 15th.  No one should be participating in any form of competition with players until this is completed

  • If a Player Listing by Team/Roster is used or required, ALL Team Officials must pass the Training.  Communication between Registrars and the Abuse Prevent Liaison is mandatory for checks and balances.

  • The Registrar cannot release the Player Listing by Team/Roster until ALL Team Officials have completed and passed the Training.

Each NCYSA member association (SSA) has an Abuse Prevention Liaison (Ms. Stephanie Plumb  who is responsible for sending you the Training link and monitoring completion of the Training. Training involves watching a video and completing a quiz (Takes about 1 hour).  The Training is good for two years.

Once you have completed the 2018-2019 Risk Management application the Abuse Prevention link will be sent to you. Click on Step 2 button below and send an email to Tasha Lanier to notify her of the community you will be coaching with this season. Tasha will submit your application to NCYSA and then request the link to be emailed directly to you. Watch the video and take the test and the coordinator will be notified through the system if you have passed or failed.


As soon as all is approved Tasha Lanier will get your coaches card ordered and ready.  The coaches card are to be shown at every game along with your photo id to ensure the children's safety and that you are a qualified volunteer. Tasha Lanier will send you an email once you coaches cards is ready. If you don't have it, but have gotten approval email please take that email with you to the game until the card is in your possession. Take a picture of your card and id so that you'll have them at every game!


Please let me know if I can further assist you and your team this season and thank you so much for volunteering!


Tasha Lanier 

DCYSA Executive Director


Davidson County Youth Soccer Association