We are looking for referees and all NEW aspiring referees must be certified by USSOCCER before they can work. North Carolina Soccer Referee Association (NCSRA) administers the certification with all online course work. All new aspiring referees must complete the online work and pass the test in order to be certified.


After passing the certification test you must contact Jimmy Hamblin, DCYSA’s Referee Assignor, in order to be scheduled to work. New referees usually start out at U6, U8 or as an assistant referee (AR) on younger games.

DCYSA Assigner Jimmy Hamblin

Area number is 6

USSF ARA & Assignor number is 170

Make sure you know all the DCYSA Recreation rules before your games.

Contact Jimmy Hamblin, DCYSA’s Referee Assignor: dcysarefassignor@gmail.com

Game Day Mobile Phone: (336) 596-8370

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